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Harvey Maguire worked with me before my Lisbon half marathon victory. Before this I had ongoing injury problems all due to the same reason. Harvey is a physiotherapist that doesn't just treat the injury at hand but looks for the cause of the problem, how to get rid of the problem & how to keep it gone though rehabilitation in the gym. This has saved me personally from a niggling injury that many others could not understand why it was coming back or how to keep it gone. I personally recommend him.

Jake Robertson - Professional Athlete (New Zealand National Record Holder in 10,000m, 5th 2018 Commonweath Games 10,000m)

After winning the Scottish National 1,500m title in 2015 I was full of optimism that my running career was going to go from strength to strength. Unfortunately this was not the case as an achilles injury was followed by a knee injury, which then required surgery. Any attempt to return to running resulted in setbacks. I had spent almost 2 years unable to do the sport I love and was starting to believe that I would never return to pain free running. Spending large spells of each year in Iten, Kenya, I was fortunate enough to catch Harvey for an assessment/treatment just before he headed back to the UK in May 2017. He took time to listen to my history and then assessed the strength and flexibility of various muscles. Previously I would feel the pain doing one squat - Harvey then asked me to try an exercise followed by the squat again - I couldn't believe it, there was no pain! I was gradually able to build up my runs from 1 minute and today I completed my first ever Kenyan group fartlek session with over 200 runners - what a feeling! This simply wouldn't have been possible without Harvey's input. I will be forever grateful to Harvey for getting me back running. He will have played a major role in any future success I enjoy.

Myles Edwards - (Former Scottish National 1500m Champion)

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